i have finished that fused sample that i used for the fusing 101 post.  it is a real sample – as in a new kit for the ancient art #3 pattern.  so it will also be on the webpage.













tomorrow i am going to do a rather long post – and share with you the latest pages from “the book”.  i have written the directions for my skinny stems method!!  and even have pictures to illustrate. 

 as i have mentioned, the  book is my attempt to put into print what i share when i teach the basic techniques class.  and now that i have the skinny stem ready it’s time to type all those words i say about doing the stitch!!  for those pictures i will need some help.  it is my intention to have someone (probably my brother as he has the same camera) “looking” over my shoulder.  i’m thinking if we use the ‘action’ setting – which has the camera take something like 27 shots/second!! – we can pick and choose the ones that work to show you what i’m saying.  we shall see how it goes.

oh, and i will probably post the chapter on basic tools, etc.  heck, if you are a faithful reader, i guess you may have most of the book right here by the time i’m finished. ^_^  otherwise – it will probably cost about $15.  unless i end up giving it to ‘someone’ else to publish (and distribute!).

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