i decided i wanted to make a useable quilt for my friend erv – to kind of thank him for the various things he has done for me around here, etc.  i’ve had this ongoing thought about making a ‘rag’ quilt a different way.  for those of you who have made one – or at least seen/heard about them – the usual way is to choose a block size, cut squares that size for front and back.  then, cut a smaller square for the lining (if you choose to do it with a lining), which is usually just another layer of flannel. then you must do some amount of machine quilting in each square before you join them together – often just stitching a big X by stitching from corner to corner diagonally.
i thought it would be easier to use scraps and foundation piecing. and wanted to use old jeans – as i had many of them saved for a project of some kind! once i began, i realized it would be even easier to do a kind of raw edge machine applique – like big ‘snippets’ or what phil beaver does???
so, i dug out my flannel stash – mostly leftovers from jackets. and those old jeans. i had to piece several of the backing blocks – it’s ok, even better. ^_^
i then laid the 15 blocks out on the bed and moved them around till i was satisfied with the layout. i am doing 18″ blocks so i don’t have to do so many! i’m not concerned about how ‘ragged’ it will be. the raw edge on the jeans pieces will also fray, so there will be plenty.
i pinned a paper with the block number on it to the same corner of each block. just stacking them doesn’t work so well for me – i tend to forget what order i stacked them in!!

to sew the blocks:

place one backing piece on your work/cutting table with the wrong side up. see below –







you will then be placing radom pieces of whatever you are using (flannel or denim or ?), overlapping them and using different sizes and shapes.  here is this one in process –









contine until you have covered the backing completely.  sometimes, i end up with just a tiny space to cover, so i added a heart and did it raw edge as well. ^_^










you will also notice lots of pins.  be very careful as i have stuck myself several times now! grrr  you need lots of them!  everytime i thought i had it pinned down enough – sure enough i didn’t!  you have to move the piece every which way to stitch around all those odd shapes.

these next two pictures are the front and back – to show the stitching.  i did not do it preciesly or carefully.  didn’t maintain a set distance from the raw edge, etc.  on a couple of the blocks i did additional stitching across what i thought were ‘too big’ spaces.  this quilt (blanket as he will call it) will be well used, i hope!

easy-quilt-4             easy-quilt-5

i chose not to use a lining – i thought the flannel and denim would be enough. there is a lot of overlap with those pieces. hope i was right and he finds it cumfy!
and i hope this inspires you to create something of your own – just for fun! ^_^

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