onward and upward, i say!  i am still clinging to that mustard seed of faith and trust that we are safe and secure in our home.

one note here about this blog – nothing you can see as a reader, but ‘they’ have made some changes in the format that just don’t work!!  for instance. on this screen/window where i am typing – right about now (then) i could not read what i was typing as it was under the other half of the stuff on the screen.  like overlapping columns on the page!  annoying.  i’ve tried everything i can think of – just stupid, that’s all i can say.  and cannot even find a ‘help’ link.  is no one else having this same problem????  ok, so there is a help link, but i think i went there and didn’t find what i needed.  perhaps will try again once i post this.

i am planning to finish erv’s quilt today and will post the picture tomorrow.  looking ‘good’ – sure hope he likes it.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com