i have finished the jeans rag quilt and thought i’d post the pictures in case anyone was curious.  i am satisfied.  didn’t wash it – i think it would be too heavy for my normal top loader washer.  needs to go to laundramat and use a front loader meant for big or heavy loads.  i  did wet the edges and used my dryer – making sure to clean the filter every 15 minutes.  once it was dry, i did another 20 minutes using just air.  has at least begun to be ‘raggy’.




even tho i chose to stop at 12 blocks, as you can see, it still covers a double bed.  decided it would be a better size as i expect it to be used more as a ‘snuggle’ quilt – for tv, etc.  the blocks are 18″.  i think if i were to make another using this method, i would just use all flannels.  this one is kinda heavy – i mean it weighs a lot! ^_^




if i had made the decision earlier, i probably wouldn’t have used the neutral flannels.  i now have three 19″ sqaures of red, white and blue that are more fun than the plain ones.  darn.

once again i do wish i could figure out how to make this work here where i am typing.  really hate what has been done – can only see part of this area where i am typing.  other things on top of it and i can’t get them to move – at least not to stay moved.  grrrr

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