January 2009

i have finally finished the sample for the latest design. it is not yet published, expect to do that within this coming week. i had been asked about this flower several times, but couldn’t quite figure out how to do it, since it is such a tiny blossom. i have blown it up!! now looks like it lives in the green giant’s valley! ^_^
lily of the (jolly giant’s) valley

love and beauty http://www.artfullyapplique.com

it has been an interesting few weeks. no need to bore you with details. just suffice it to say that i was on a peak and then crashed and burned. feeling better now, thank you. ^_^
so, thought i would post the pictures of the two new ones – even tho you may have already seen them ‘in progress’. they are now fully published and available on the webpage, as are the kits. yea!



the one on the left is Patience and the other is Love.

love and beauty http://www.artfullyapplique.com

just finished a new design sample. not sure how it will be received at shows. not anything like anything else i’ve done. there will be at least two of these ‘mandala-type’ and then, who knows. the series will probably be named “In a Word” (and still For the Love of Applique)and all the designs will have a one word name – this one being “Love”. i have a flower one drawn (very roughly) that will be “Hope”, if it makes it off the drawing board. ^_^ and the one i am about to begin sewing is “Patience”.


yes, that is ‘reverse applique’, but with a twist cause there’s some regular applique on top of it. i wasn’t sure how difficult it would be. am happy to report that reverse applique seems easier than regular in some ways – so, it’s ok.

obviously i (we) are not homeless. wolves not completely gone, but we at least have some time. hopefully the daycare will be up and running soon and providing some income. and i have shows beginning next month. on a rather tight budget for now! orders would certainly help. ^_^

love and beauty http://www.artfullyapplique.com

ok, not really – i had intended to just type the date, but ya just never know. ^_^
mostly wanted to again say Happy New Year.
we are still not ‘out of the woods’ here (or out IN the woods either), but won’t be getting kicked out within a couple months, at least. still, the danger has not completely passed – so the ‘sale’ remains on the webpage. and even if the house were secure – my personal finances are in a shambles. ahhh, the mystery of it all.
i remain optimistic and trusting in TGW to guide me thru safely.

love and beauty http://www.artfullapplique.com