just finished a new design sample. not sure how it will be received at shows. not anything like anything else i’ve done. there will be at least two of these ‘mandala-type’ and then, who knows. the series will probably be named “In a Word” (and still For the Love of Applique)and all the designs will have a one word name – this one being “Love”. i have a flower one drawn (very roughly) that will be “Hope”, if it makes it off the drawing board. ^_^ and the one i am about to begin sewing is “Patience”.


yes, that is ‘reverse applique’, but with a twist cause there’s some regular applique on top of it. i wasn’t sure how difficult it would be. am happy to report that reverse applique seems easier than regular in some ways – so, it’s ok.

obviously i (we) are not homeless. wolves not completely gone, but we at least have some time. hopefully the daycare will be up and running soon and providing some income. and i have shows beginning next month. on a rather tight budget for now! orders would certainly help. ^_^

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