February 2009

i think i am ok now after a weekend from h____. the rv still runs fine, so no damage done there. everything damaged is mostly cosmetic, at least as far as i can tell so far. that’s good.
as for the show – a disaster for me – except for other things coming from just having been there. so, i declare it all good.
and now, i am gearing up for the class on saturday – my local applique society chapter. have 25 students, which is a high for me. it’s ok, need to practice with that many cause will have it again when i teach at the retreat (for the group in washington state).
am also working on another new mini – one of the ones that i did for the opportunity quilt. just had the urge to sew!! calms my nerves, i think. ^_^ i will post as soon as i finish the first half – it’s one of the mirror image kind.
spring is nearly here – the plum tree is showing major signs – as shown below! yea!!! took the first one outside, in the rain. the second out the window with a little sun for lighting. ^_^



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it is monday, and my weekend from h____ is over. i am safe. and that is about all that i can think of that’s really positive to say. ^_^ guess that’s pretty important, tho.
i did get a commission job while there. that will be fun. someone has already done the piecing and wants 3 motifs – one in each of the blocks. it’s a 3-block piece, blocks set horizontally and will hang above her bed. size-wise, kind of like a table runner. she wants my flowers. the backgrounds are pastels – peach and green, primarily. so, am looking forward to doing that.

also approached by a woman who does “digital” quilts. she has co-authored a book on it. anyway, she is looking at adding applique to her quilts, and wants to use my designs. we’ll see if that pans out. i am going to go into photo shop and see if i can learn to do what she does. no, not to compete! just to learn something new. ^_^ i’m fascinated by the fabric designing aspect. i know i can do that. and who knows where that could lead?? ^_^ so, for those of you who are still too afraid of applique, or just plain hate hand work – but, do like my designs. there just may be a way you can use them. stay tuned. ^_^

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my season begins tomorrow – well, at least the traveling and setup part. only problem at this moment is – i don’t know what i’m driving. and i’m not exactly happy. my rv was supposed to be delivered to me today. no, not a ‘new’ one – same one. it’s just that it is now a ‘time share’ kind of thing. and the promise was for it to be brought to me today so i could pack and leave in the morning. no sign of it yet. and no answers to any of my calls. seems like i just went thru this at the end of last month – trying to track them down for the payment. is it worth it??? hmmmm
so, either way, i am off to watsonville in the morning. not looking forward to sleeping in the van again. oh well, done it before, that’s for sure!! ^_^
ok, just a few last things to do. keep smilin’

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it is wet, chilly and a little grey here and i know it is totally grey ‘back east’ during this month. sooo – thought i’d just cheer you up a bit. ^_^

if you live in calif – love to see you at the show in watsonville this coming weekend. it’s at the santa cruz county fairgrounds.

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this doesn’t happen here often. in fact, been here 11 years and this is the first one of these i’ve had the opportunity to build. ^_^

it won’t be with us for long – the sun has already cleared the snow from all the trees – but is was a blast while it lasted – and it was the real deal – complete with that wonderful quiet only snow can give.

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i finally finished the new “In a Word” sample. i must say, while this reverse applique is definitely ‘easier’ and probably the best option for a ‘traveling’ project – well, for me it can get a tad boring. i miss the option of playing with different fabrics and fussy cutting for effects, etc. probably just me. and the fact that i’ve done 3 of them in a short time span. so, i don’t think i’m going to jump right into another one – not that there’s one showing up in my head at the moment!
this one is called “Peace” – hope you like it. hope my customers this year do also. ^_^

now it’s time to get inspired enough to draw the violet i’m planning to ‘pair’ with the lily of the valley.
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have been hard at it working on the 3rd “In a Word” design. thought i’d just share it, in process. it is called “Peace” – am hoping you can tell that is a lotus. ^_^ there will be 3 – those are not some other flower, even tho they kind of look like cone flowers to me. hmmmm
i will admit there are a lot of inside points, many that are a bit of a challenge. i may make some minor adjustments before i publish. soften a few of those points. ^_^

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i have finished the sample for the new
mini. this is one of the two i submitted to a quilting magazine (as requested by a person from the magazine). it took them forever to finally tell me – and only after two requests for an answer – that the designs did not meet their “editorial needs”. just let me say that i was not surprised. it is a very traditional and mostly piecing type magazine! bottom line for me is – hey, i have two new mini’s to sell! and that’s a good thing. just means i have to do two more samples as i used ‘scrap’ fabric for the first sample. which means, not enough on hand for doing kits for ya’ll. ^_^
i also decided to do this one with an ‘overlay’ and display it as a 10″ finished square. i’m also going to display it with the mini iris that has an overlay around it. i am including both pictures. however, the iris overlay will be changed to match the new one. truth is, that is the fabric currently in the kits cause the original one is gone!
well, yes, there is a lot of space between them. oh well, not worth the time. ^_^

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