i have finished the sample for the new
mini. this is one of the two i submitted to a quilting magazine (as requested by a person from the magazine). it took them forever to finally tell me – and only after two requests for an answer – that the designs did not meet their “editorial needs”. just let me say that i was not surprised. it is a very traditional and mostly piecing type magazine! bottom line for me is – hey, i have two new mini’s to sell! and that’s a good thing. just means i have to do two more samples as i used ‘scrap’ fabric for the first sample. which means, not enough on hand for doing kits for ya’ll. ^_^
i also decided to do this one with an ‘overlay’ and display it as a 10″ finished square. i’m also going to display it with the mini iris that has an overlay around it. i am including both pictures. however, the iris overlay will be changed to match the new one. truth is, that is the fabric currently in the kits cause the original one is gone!
well, yes, there is a lot of space between them. oh well, not worth the time. ^_^

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