my season begins tomorrow – well, at least the traveling and setup part. only problem at this moment is – i don’t know what i’m driving. and i’m not exactly happy. my rv was supposed to be delivered to me today. no, not a ‘new’ one – same one. it’s just that it is now a ‘time share’ kind of thing. and the promise was for it to be brought to me today so i could pack and leave in the morning. no sign of it yet. and no answers to any of my calls. seems like i just went thru this at the end of last month – trying to track them down for the payment. is it worth it??? hmmmm
so, either way, i am off to watsonville in the morning. not looking forward to sleeping in the van again. oh well, done it before, that’s for sure!! ^_^
ok, just a few last things to do. keep smilin’

love and beauty