it is monday, and my weekend from h____ is over. i am safe. and that is about all that i can think of that’s really positive to say. ^_^ guess that’s pretty important, tho.
i did get a commission job while there. that will be fun. someone has already done the piecing and wants 3 motifs – one in each of the blocks. it’s a 3-block piece, blocks set horizontally and will hang above her bed. size-wise, kind of like a table runner. she wants my flowers. the backgrounds are pastels – peach and green, primarily. so, am looking forward to doing that.

also approached by a woman who does “digital” quilts. she has co-authored a book on it. anyway, she is looking at adding applique to her quilts, and wants to use my designs. we’ll see if that pans out. i am going to go into photo shop and see if i can learn to do what she does. no, not to compete! just to learn something new. ^_^ i’m fascinated by the fabric designing aspect. i know i can do that. and who knows where that could lead?? ^_^ so, for those of you who are still too afraid of applique, or just plain hate hand work – but, do like my designs. there just may be a way you can use them. stay tuned. ^_^

love and beauty