i think i am ok now after a weekend from h____. the rv still runs fine, so no damage done there. everything damaged is mostly cosmetic, at least as far as i can tell so far. that’s good.
as for the show – a disaster for me – except for other things coming from just having been there. so, i declare it all good.
and now, i am gearing up for the class on saturday – my local applique society chapter. have 25 students, which is a high for me. it’s ok, need to practice with that many cause will have it again when i teach at the retreat (for the group in washington state).
am also working on another new mini – one of the ones that i did for the opportunity quilt. just had the urge to sew!! calms my nerves, i think. ^_^ i will post as soon as i finish the first half – it’s one of the mirror image kind.
spring is nearly here – the plum tree is showing major signs – as shown below! yea!!! took the first one outside, in the rain. the second out the window with a little sun for lighting. ^_^



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