March 2009

i am staring at a mountain of things to do today.  i must leave tomorrow for portland and will be gone  for 2 weeks.  after the portland show, i go on up to seabeck, wa to teach at a retreat.  while it is a ‘dream come true’ – right now it looks like i bit off more than i can chew!!

as you may know – the rv is in less than perfect shape at the moment and i must correct all that i can and be ready to roll tomorrow.  not sure yet what time i must leave – still must go into ‘maps’ and do all that.  i will drive tomorrow to ???? and then on wed, continue on to the notions place in eugene (to pick up my order) before going to the show to setup.  that, i think would be enough!  but – then, after the show – it’s on up to seabeck for the retreat.  second day of teaching is thurs, after which i must leave in time to get back here to auburn for setup on friday.  that looks like i go straight to auburn, setup, and then come home to restock and switch to the van.

are you exhausted yet? ^_^  anyway, the to do list for today is so varied and long i can hardly even write it all.  and here i am doing this.  opps. ^_^

oh, yes, the fairfield show – it was good.  i am pleased.  plus, will be teaching a guild class there in jan, 2010.  so, all is well.  thanks for all your good wishes/thoughts/prayers!  ^_^


love and beauty

i managed to do words and covers for the 2 new beginner patterns yesterday – so, today, will do the final drawings and take to office max for copies.  i will have them for sale at the show in fairfield this weekend.  as kits only – that will cost all of $5.  ^_^  simple and small – background piece you get is just 5 1/2  x 9″.  they are not intended to be finished and hung in your living room.  however, if you choose, they could be included in one of those ‘sampler’ kind of pieces with lots of different sized blocks that are framed with narrow sashing.  my intention is just to provide a learning and/or practice piece at an affordable price.  in case you missed them the first time – here they are again. ^_^

beg-11           beg-21

like i said – very simple designs!

and now it’s time for me to get to work – must do those final drawings, plus repack the van and tubs – yet, again.

love and beauty

i am back home and the talk seemed to go well.  still, i forgot some important points, which my mind has been nagging at me about.  geeezzz  i am always my own worst critic!

also, the brand new baby boy is home!  they came home yesterday!  don’t keep ’em long these days, do they?    i checked him out before coming down here – he sure is a beauty. ^_^

and now – it’s time to prep for the show on saturday.  going to be quite a feat to get setup before folks come in for the show – not likely, in my case.  hope to be close!  i figure most folks will look at quilts first anyway.  oh, and prep includes getting those new super easy patterns published!! so, best stop lollygaggin here!


love and beauty

well, here i am – in san francisco and just a block from the water!  what a life!  did my trunk show at the guild meeting and i think it went ok even tho, as usual, i left out part of the story.  it always happens.  that’s how it is with ‘ad lib’ i guess.  still, they seemed to laugh a lot – which is my main goal.  my talk is not really about applique – other than it is what i do.  i just have a collection of quilts that i have either made, inherited or bought – and i just ‘show’ them and talk a little about myself.  one of the added perks is that this time, i get to stay in a lovely little hotel.  they also paid for my dinner and breakfast – plus mileage.  very very nice.  sometimes i do feel very blessed!!

i also sold some stuff- which also helps.  hopefully i can fend off a couple more wolves for a few more days!  have another show this weekend – very small one, so not sure what to expect.  at this point – every bit helps!!  i’ll be in fairfiel, if you are in the area.

oh – it’s a boy!!  born yesterday at about 2:30 a.m.  he is perfect and beautiful!  we left home around 2:00 pm sunday and arrived at hospital about 3:00.  needless to say, it was a sleepless night for me.  it was about 4:30 monday morning when i got home.  been hard to keep track of what day it is since – rather like having squeezed an extra day into my week!

so, now i will  crawl under these covers and get some rest.


love and beauty

i have just finished the second new design for beginners – of which there will probably be 3. ^_^  my plan is to get these first two published asap and worry about the third one later.  these will be offered as kits only – not worth the extra effort for me to prepare them both ways.  requires two different covers, etc.  the kits will cost just $5.  they are small and  very simple and intended to be a learning tool.  however, for those so inclined, i think you could either join them together with some narrow sashing, or include them in something larger like my friend karen did in the piece i showed here some days ago. 


the rest of this day i will spend making sure i have  cut everything i need.  finished all the mini’s yesterday – with a little help from rachel during the hockey game. ^_^  i still have some of the nearly nouveau kits to fold – i think there are two games today (both hockey and basketball).  can finish then,  if i haven’t already.  and there is that one new mini still awaiting completion – and it’s very close. ^_^  hmmm  an excuse to sew instead of fold??


love and beauty

as a result of an offer for me to teach a short class during the show in tracy in april, i came up with what will be a new ‘series’.  there will only be 3 designs, at least that’s all i can see right now.  it will be for beginners – small and very simple designs.  i have finished the first sample and it will be what we do in the 2 hour class during the show.  no, we will not finish it!  however, they will learn how to do the stem (my way) and hopefully do one heart.  and that will give them at least basic info on how to do inside and outside points.  even if they don’t finished their heart, they will have the info they need to do it later.  so here’s the sample.


i have the second one drawn and will attempt to squeeze some sewing into all this cutting and folding time.  i want to have them ready for the show in fairfield – even tho i said earlier they would be ‘unveiled’ in tracy.  perhaps i will have #3 ready by then. ^_^  they will only be sold as kits and will be in the $5 range, i think.

stay tuned ^_^


kive and beauty

For those of you who have taken my class – you will especially enjoy this.  I received this picture from a woman who is in my local guild and who also took my class.  Now, the pattern we use in the class is kinda ‘primative’ and is meant to be a ‘working tool’ – at least that is what i tell people.   I have to say that, cause folks often come in expecting to be doing one of my ‘real’ patterns. ^_^ However, the purpose of my class is actually to prepare you for a ‘real’ project – mine or anyone else’s pattern!   

Well, my friend Karen just did the most fun thing with her completed class project!!


Now, isn’t that just too cute!!  Plus, it has inspired me! I have been asked to put together a mini-class that we will do during the Tracy show. No, not a class using one of my ‘mini’s’ – just a short (2 hour) class. I have now come up with a very simple design to use for that class. And in the process, have decided I actually CAN come up with 3 or 4 very simple designs i can sell for beginners – small, inexpensive and great training tools. If you are in the area – come to the Tracy show for their ‘unveiling’. ^_^ That’s April 18th.

love and beauty

Am back home from show in san francisco and am happy to report it was a good one for me! Yea! ^_^ Need i express my relief?! And, i made a new friend – which is always wonderful. Plus, have a place to stay in san mateo whenever i’m down that way. And they have the cutest dog! Well, almost as cute as my sophie girl. ^_^

So now i have a new ‘problem’ – the kind i like to have! Lots of kits to cut and patterns to fold in order to be well stocked for the insanely busy time that begins in just about a week. I will be speaking at the san fran guild meeting on the 17th, and then i have the show in fairfield the following weekend. Then, i head on up north to the show in portland, or. From there i go up to seabeck to teach at the retreat – and then i haul you know what back down to setup in auburn on friday, april 3rd. Yikes!! Going to be one tired puppy by then, maybe.
i’d also like to finish that mini and get it published before the talk next week. Have to squeeze that in somewhere.
Life is Good!

love and beauty