Am back home from show in san francisco and am happy to report it was a good one for me! Yea! ^_^ Need i express my relief?! And, i made a new friend – which is always wonderful. Plus, have a place to stay in san mateo whenever i’m down that way. And they have the cutest dog! Well, almost as cute as my sophie girl. ^_^

So now i have a new ‘problem’ – the kind i like to have! Lots of kits to cut and patterns to fold in order to be well stocked for the insanely busy time that begins in just about a week. I will be speaking at the san fran guild meeting on the 17th, and then i have the show in fairfield the following weekend. Then, i head on up north to the show in portland, or. From there i go up to seabeck to teach at the retreat – and then i haul you know what back down to setup in auburn on friday, april 3rd. Yikes!! Going to be one tired puppy by then, maybe.
i’d also like to finish that mini and get it published before the talk next week. Have to squeeze that in somewhere.
Life is Good!

love and beauty