For those of you who have taken my class – you will especially enjoy this.  I received this picture from a woman who is in my local guild and who also took my class.  Now, the pattern we use in the class is kinda ‘primative’ and is meant to be a ‘working tool’ – at least that is what i tell people.   I have to say that, cause folks often come in expecting to be doing one of my ‘real’ patterns. ^_^ However, the purpose of my class is actually to prepare you for a ‘real’ project – mine or anyone else’s pattern!   

Well, my friend Karen just did the most fun thing with her completed class project!!


Now, isn’t that just too cute!!  Plus, it has inspired me! I have been asked to put together a mini-class that we will do during the Tracy show. No, not a class using one of my ‘mini’s’ – just a short (2 hour) class. I have now come up with a very simple design to use for that class. And in the process, have decided I actually CAN come up with 3 or 4 very simple designs i can sell for beginners – small, inexpensive and great training tools. If you are in the area – come to the Tracy show for their ‘unveiling’. ^_^ That’s April 18th.

love and beauty