as a result of an offer for me to teach a short class during the show in tracy in april, i came up with what will be a new ‘series’.  there will only be 3 designs, at least that’s all i can see right now.  it will be for beginners – small and very simple designs.  i have finished the first sample and it will be what we do in the 2 hour class during the show.  no, we will not finish it!  however, they will learn how to do the stem (my way) and hopefully do one heart.  and that will give them at least basic info on how to do inside and outside points.  even if they don’t finished their heart, they will have the info they need to do it later.  so here’s the sample.


i have the second one drawn and will attempt to squeeze some sewing into all this cutting and folding time.  i want to have them ready for the show in fairfield – even tho i said earlier they would be ‘unveiled’ in tracy.  perhaps i will have #3 ready by then. ^_^  they will only be sold as kits and will be in the $5 range, i think.

stay tuned ^_^


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