i have just finished the second new design for beginners – of which there will probably be 3. ^_^  my plan is to get these first two published asap and worry about the third one later.  these will be offered as kits only – not worth the extra effort for me to prepare them both ways.  requires two different covers, etc.  the kits will cost just $5.  they are small and  very simple and intended to be a learning tool.  however, for those so inclined, i think you could either join them together with some narrow sashing, or include them in something larger like my friend karen did in the piece i showed here some days ago. 


the rest of this day i will spend making sure i have  cut everything i need.  finished all the mini’s yesterday – with a little help from rachel during the hockey game. ^_^  i still have some of the nearly nouveau kits to fold – i think there are two games today (both hockey and basketball).  can finish then,  if i haven’t already.  and there is that one new mini still awaiting completion – and it’s very close. ^_^  hmmm  an excuse to sew instead of fold??


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