well, here i am – in san francisco and just a block from the water!  what a life!  did my trunk show at the guild meeting and i think it went ok even tho, as usual, i left out part of the story.  it always happens.  that’s how it is with ‘ad lib’ i guess.  still, they seemed to laugh a lot – which is my main goal.  my talk is not really about applique – other than it is what i do.  i just have a collection of quilts that i have either made, inherited or bought – and i just ‘show’ them and talk a little about myself.  one of the added perks is that this time, i get to stay in a lovely little hotel.  they also paid for my dinner and breakfast – plus mileage.  very very nice.  sometimes i do feel very blessed!!

i also sold some stuff- which also helps.  hopefully i can fend off a couple more wolves for a few more days!  have another show this weekend – very small one, so not sure what to expect.  at this point – every bit helps!!  i’ll be in fairfiel, if you are in the area.

oh – it’s a boy!!  born yesterday at about 2:30 a.m.  he is perfect and beautiful!  we left home around 2:00 pm sunday and arrived at hospital about 3:00.  needless to say, it was a sleepless night for me.  it was about 4:30 monday morning when i got home.  been hard to keep track of what day it is since – rather like having squeezed an extra day into my week!

so, now i will  crawl under these covers and get some rest.


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