i am staring at a mountain of things to do today.  i must leave tomorrow for portland and will be gone  for 2 weeks.  after the portland show, i go on up to seabeck, wa to teach at a retreat.  while it is a ‘dream come true’ – right now it looks like i bit off more than i can chew!!

as you may know – the rv is in less than perfect shape at the moment and i must correct all that i can and be ready to roll tomorrow.  not sure yet what time i must leave – still must go into ‘maps’ and do all that.  i will drive tomorrow to ???? and then on wed, continue on to the notions place in eugene (to pick up my order) before going to the show to setup.  that, i think would be enough!  but – then, after the show – it’s on up to seabeck for the retreat.  second day of teaching is thurs, after which i must leave in time to get back here to auburn for setup on friday.  that looks like i go straight to auburn, setup, and then come home to restock and switch to the van.

are you exhausted yet? ^_^  anyway, the to do list for today is so varied and long i can hardly even write it all.  and here i am doing this.  opps. ^_^

oh, yes, the fairfield show – it was good.  i am pleased.  plus, will be teaching a guild class there in jan, 2010.  so, all is well.  thanks for all your good wishes/thoughts/prayers!  ^_^


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