April 2009

so, i will be leaving again today – as promised.  current plan is to leave around 5:30 in hopes of missing most of the commuter traffic.  it is my goal to reach the rest area on i-5 below where hwy 99 comes in.  i will be traveling on 99 first, and there is a nice rest area just 50 miles this side of bakersfield, but i think this other one is just another 100 miles farther.  i will be checking on that today.  i have this wonderful book published by good sam that tells you what is at each exit on the interstates.  problem is – it doesn’t include any non-interste routes.  a big mistake, i think.   here in calif, hwy 99 is essentially the same as an interstate, in fact, runs parallel to i-5.  and there are a couple of others that could be included (in this state).  probably some in other states as well.  just makes planning stops a bit more of a challenge.  ^_^  i was doing it with just that book.  need to look at an actual map to get more accurate mileage from bakersfield to the split.

i am praying the form i need for the city where the show is will come today!  boe promised to mail it to me – and that was last week!  how long can it take?  from sac!  grrr  if it doesn’t come, not only must i go to the office in the city of norco (either way must go there), i will then have to drive to riverside to get the form!!  before i can setup!  another grrr!  way too much redtape for my little amount of sales tax!  like that city is going to go broke without my $5- $15!!  geeezzzz

had a nice visit with bobbie yesterday while the new tire was being installed.  we went to lunch and then to the ‘new’ quilt shop (been there awhile now, just my first visit) and i was pleasantly surprised.  lovely shop.  and i found a batik very similar to the one i had used in the first nearly nouveau iris!  so, i negotiated a discount, since i was purchasing only for reasale, and bought 4 yards.  actually got 6 kits cut and assembled when i got home!  and discovered i had just 6 copies of that original cover!  sure glad i kept them! ^_^  grace – that’s what it is!  my life full of it! ^_^

today, once i finish here, i will go up and load all the business stuff.  then, come back here and gather personals.  oh, first will go fill gas tank and propane.  probably add some water as well.  forgot to do that yesterday after i finished washing the rv.  man, that thing is big! ^_^  not spotless, but certainly no longer embarrassingly filthy.  how DID he get it so dirty!???  in just 2 months!  anyway – want to finish it all fairly early and kind of ‘rest’ before leaving.  it’s 5 hours to bakersfield and another 100 miles would add 1 1/2 hrs.  leaving at 5:30 puts me at rest area around midnight.  we shall see.

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nothing special to say – last day at home before heading out again late tomorrow.  will drive to a rest area and then finish the drive thurs morning, setup and then go to the rv park/state park in riverside,(ca).  i reorganized all the tubs yesterday, so they are ready to load. will wait to do that until after i go have one tire replaced today.  want to get rid of the last of the original ones before this trip.  next week i will replace the remaining 2 that are under-rated.  hopefully that will take care of the extra vibration i have been feeling.  still need to see about the front end – so far there just hasn’t been that much ‘extra’ money!

have the kits for that 4th simple design all folded and ready – must do the final drawing today and make some copies.  words and covers are also ready.  only taking 7 with me.  i really have no idea what size show this is.  no one i know has even heard of the town!  ^_^  however, it is right next to riverside, so i doubt it matters what size the actual burb is.  you’d think i’d have learned by now – to ask what the ‘gate’ was for the prior show!  or – if there even was one!  and how they got my name.  perhaps someone who saw me in long beach???

once back from the tire store, i will see if i can force myself to finish a fused version of #12 that has been in process for months!  i have no kits for that one right now.  the last fabric i used is gone, so must finish this sample if i want to have any.  ugh!  still, nothing better to do with my day!  looking like it will eventually rain, so can’t putz in the yard.

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decided to take this picture out the kitchen window to show how much things change with the seasons.  i think we sometimes just forget to notice the everyday miracles!  the last picture i posted that was taken looking out this way was to show the first (and leaning) snowman.  and now look!


i’ve noticed that all the dogwoods in town are loaded with blossoms this year.  must have been ideal winter for them.  the close up pine is the norfolk that spends the winter in the big house.  it’s not looking its best right now – some brown on the tips of nearly every little branch.   we’ve had some pretty chilly weather since i brought it down.  at least i was smart enough to not put the fig outside yet.  did have to remove it from up there also – so it has been in the bedroom.  probably thinks it’s been outside! ^_^  kinda chilly in there!  i was about to put it out – glad i didn’t as it’s been barely 40 deg last couple nights.

so, the class yesterday.  it went very well, tho we didn’t get as far as usual.   i had originally stated that in order to take the advanced class you had to take my first one – that was definitely not the case yesterday.  there were some who just couldn’t get to the first one.  then, there were 2 new members – who happened to also be brand new to applique – as in ‘never done it’!  and even those who took the first one were at varying levels – only a few had actually finished the first piece – don’t know how many even worked on it at all – like “practiced”!  somehow we muddled thru and everyone left happy – or at least ‘satisfied’. ^_^  as for me – happy and a little tired.  did just about nothing once  back home – after trip to bank and grocery.

today i’m going to see if i can get the 4th simple design sewn.  at least give it a good go!  have the fabrics chosen – that’s half the battle. ^_^  i’ll post as soon as it’s done.

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how fast they grow!! ^_^  no longer wrinkled and red – now has chubby cheeks.


so, i am enjoying a few days at home before i will be heading out on the road again.  have a show in norco, ca on may 1 & 2.  once again i nearly got myself into trouble!  that’s a friday & saturday!!!  oops!  just happened to notice there was no 31 on my april calendar.  well, duh!!  i will be taking the rv again.  actually found an rv park within 15 miles!  it’s a county park, and quite reasonable.  now i just have to get the last 3 tires replaced – either before this trip or definitely before i head for albq.

today i did another of the super simple designs.  this one is a simple reverse applique.  i was halfway thru this sample and got nervous about the fabric choices – so have picked out a different ‘under’ one and will offer it as well.  (at least till i see how folks react)


the second one will be with a fossil fern and more of a ‘blender’ look.  we shall see.  i also just finished the drawing for the 4th one!  it is a tulip and is just a little harder – has a ‘turned over’ leaf and the blossom is ‘layered’.  chose fabrics, then realized i had best do something else first!  and wondering why the heck i didn’t do the work in the nice cool garage during those wicked hot days???  now i must be in there tomorrow in order to be ready to go teach again on sat – and it just could be raining!  certainly been a lot cooler and quite cloudy today!  live and learn!

another game tonight.  not so sure those celtics are gonna pull it off this year.  kinda having injury problems!  we shall see.

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need i say i am happy to  be at home with the sun shining and no particular place to be!! ^_^

can’t say i did all that well at the show this weekend – however, i have come to look for the silver lining in everything.  i do believe there is always something good to be found – no matter appearance.  in this case – it’s those new super simple designs.  without karen’s invitation to teach the mini class during the show – they never would have happened.   they are selling well, i think they are a good thing for people to try and i just plain like them. ^_^  and, of course, there are more spinning around in my head.  in fact – i am now thinking i can create a wallhanging with several of them in it.  one of those like the other karen made using the  larger class sample as the basis.  something with lots of little ‘blocks’ of varying sizes separated by narrow sashing.  we shall see where that thought takes me. ^_^ (i think there’s a picture of it in an earlier blog – probably the one titled “what (or ‘how’) fun”??  no – i really can’t remember.  sorry. 

am using today to just kind of regroup and clean up around here a little.  have laundry on the line – gotta take advantage of that wonderful sunshine.  eventually must empty the van as tomorrow is ‘shrink’ day and don’t want to drive it fully loaded.  waste of gas.  also, must clear the last of everything out of the rv and back it in farther – get those front tires into the shade.  and it more out of the way.

other than that – praying for nothing bad to happen with regard to finances.  still walking that very thin line.  dang!  just  breathe. ^_^

oh, and here’s the tulips rachel and i planted.  love those yellow ones! as you can now see – there turned out to be 2!


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will be leaving here soon for another setup.  will stay in tracy tonight, drive home tomorrow night and return with van on sunday.  still don’t know if i will be teaching a class during the show.  no pre-show publicity done, so only those attending will be enrolling.  this is not, traditionally, a big show in any sense of the word.  only a handful of vendors and not largely attended.  new venue should be much better – at the high school – so, if the publicity lady did her job there could be more of everything. ^_^  to be honest – i don’t even know which day the class is being offered.  i’m just going prepared for whatever!

since nothing else to report, thought i’d just post a picture i took yesterday – to prove spring is actually showing up here – despite the chilly temps!

rachel-tulipsthese are the bulbs rachel and i planted last fall.  you have to look kinda close to see the lovely yellow one about to open.  no sign of buds on any of the other baby plants.  maybe next year for those.  (crocus, etc)

come on down to tracy and check out the show this weekend. ^_^  take a 2 hour class.  i think i said $25??  or $20??  don’t even remember!  includes the kit!

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will be leaving for another setup tomorrow.  currently my plan is to stay down there tomorrow night (in rv), come home sat. after the show and return on sunday in the van.  howcome, you might ask??  well, it’s playoff time, don’t cha know!!  and both teams are in ’em!!  yea!  both boston teams, that is!!  (celtics and bruins)

i have completed all the class kits.  i have 16 for the class that may be happening at the show.  i have 27 for the applique society class next saturday.    and, just for the record – what WAS i thinking???  those kits have 11 different fabrics!  so, they will be a normal kit price of $8!  according to my records, there are 29 people registered – i agreed to 25, but will not turn anyone away!  may have to adjust what they paid me – already a bargain basmement price!  i have sent out a group email and asked for those enrolled to let me know if they do indeed want a kit!  so far, only one person has declined, but have only heard from about 10.  i do have all but one fabric assembled for a 28th kit.   we shall just see.

thought i’d share this with you – it was given to me at the retreat – made by the president of the applique society, no less!!!  it is wonderful and i was very touched to receive it!!  guess they really did like the class. ^_^


yes, it is a ‘project carrier’.  way cute, i say.    and that stack of fabric pieces behind it – the unfolded kits!  they have now been neatly folded and tucked into zip bags!

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not feeling pressured during this time at home – a very pleasant experience!  while i do have a show this weekend – and i will pull the tubs from the rv and reorganize them (it was one of those slam-bam tear downs for me) – don’t think there is anything that needs restocking.  tracy is a pretty small show and anything i am out of probably needs a new sample – and i’m not up to that this week!

so, just for fun – for all of you who are used to looking a pictures in magazines of studios and work areas of the ‘rich and famous’ – here is how we less famous folks deal with the business. ^_^  this is my portion of the family garage.  like most americans these days – the garage is the last place you’ll find the family car(s).  i have the front half, as i must move things in and out frequently – to van or rv.  tom has the back half, as he has all his big tools (bought during the kitchen remodel!) and the freezer back there.  more accessible thru the people door that is right across from the house door.

so, this is where extra inventory is stored.  plus, any time the tubs and booth equipment are not in a vehicle, they are in here.  as you will notice, there is also a cabinet with a microwave sitting on it.  no, not something i use in the garage – both are waiting for me to move them into this cottage.  been dragging my feet a bit. (ok, a lot.  been more than a year now)  that’s a convection oven combo – and, to tell the truth – not sure how to use it.  (old dog syndrome??)  so, i’m still using the old (and big) clunker i bought way back in 1981!  one of the very first ones made by ge – where i was working at the time. (in boston)


you will notice there is a ‘cart’ with tubs on it – so this was taken while tubs were out of vehicles.  the black table was one of the things that had to come out of tom’s storage and i entended to take it to mine – but have found it useful when sifting and sorting thru tubs.  just have to work around it sometimes. someday i hope to have enough space in here to use it – you know, for eating! ^_^  you do know why most of us old folks have soiled ‘shirts’ – it’s because we eat while sitting in our chairs watching tv and it’s more likely to land on our chest than back on the plate! ^_^

and with those cheery thoughts i will bid you adieu (is  that how it’s spelled?)

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i must admit, i expect to see a lot of zero’s when i checked the stats – it has been such a long time since i’ve been home long enough to do this!  feels good to be stationery (or is that ary?) for just a bit.  my next show is this weekend, but only a couple hours away in tracy.  still haven’t decided if i will drive back and forth – or if i will get in the ‘big rig’ again.

for anyone following that saga – the latest ‘problem’ is with the generator.  oh, it starts and runs just fine.  however, after about 1 1/2 hr the carbon monoxide sensor goes off.  not only loud – just plain scary!  given that thing exhausts at the far diagonal corner from the sensor – my brain says there is a leak in its exhaust system.  caused by the ‘boys’ having run over something??  like whatever resulted in a missing hubcap and a flat tire. ??  oh, they did change the tire and put on a new one – which wasn’t done properly and resulted in bolts breaking off when i had new tires put on! 

also, in the process of getting the front tires replaced and moving those to the rear – i discovered that the dealership had sold me the rv with all the tires being ‘under rated’ – and that is what caused the front tires to separate. now that was a very scary experience when that tire went!!  (and it resulted in some damage to the wheel well.)  anyway, discovered one of the back tires had separated and another on the verge!  so, i ended up purchasing 3 tires before heading to utah!  and i still have 3 more to replace.  there are now 3 different brands and all 4 at different wear levels in the rear.  and that causes a bit of vibration.  that thing rattles enough without that!!  but – i did get there and back without a mishap!  yea!

i also had to purchase a new coach battery (which ‘they’ had killed) and a few other odds and ends.  spent a lot of money before i left and ‘expected’ a really good show.  not so much.  darn.  i don’t expect i’ll be returning in two years.  just too long a drive for what i did.

on a lighter note – thought i’d share this lovely picture.  flowers in a rest area just a little ways down hwy 99 – about 90 miles south of sac.  my last stop on the way home.  (well that didn’t work – now will have to spend even more time figuring out what’s up with that picture.  it is one i took with my camera and have had a time getting it downloaded and sized just so i could do this.)


have no idea, but it worked this time.  go figure. ^_^   happy spring!!

oh, if you are in the area and are interested – i am doing a ‘mini class’  (2 hours) during the show in tracy.  that is, if anyone signs up.  hasn’t been advertised yet – so we shall see.  i have just 16 kits, so will take only that many people.

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well, not to stay.  just over to auburn to setup.  however, i must first move it all from rv to van.  ugh.  thank goodness it is not raining, nor does it look like it will be soon.  just want to do all this and that in the sunshine, not the rain!!

also, i have no idea what i need.  the way things got sold at the retreat i don’t really know what they bought.  so, as i am stocking the booth i will find out what kits i need.  then, if i don’t have them in the extra’s tub – it’s back to the cutting table for me!  ^_^  rachel was all ready to fold last night the minute i got in the door.  i promised her there would be some tonight.

if you are in the area – stop by the booth in auburn.  it’s usually a very good show.  i am directly across from where you come into the vendors’ building.  the quilts are in a different building.

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