it was a long and hard trip, driving-wise.  i am glad to be back home safe and sound!  business-wise, it was a good trip!  and, i am sorry to say – i did forget my camera!  i manged to get a couple pictures using my phone – haven’t checked them out or sent them to myself yet.  i promise i will have one on here tomorrow if they turned out.  it was kinda cloudy and dark – as it was for most of the time i was gone.  worst part is – it followed me home!  i guess it was fabulously beautiful here while i was gone, but rain coming tomorrow – and maybe even some snow.  won’t  be much – at least not at this level.  i really can’t complain.  i was shocked to see how low lake shasta still is!  and mt shasta didn’t seem to have as much snow covering her as i expected – so, obviously we do need more rain and snow!  still, not looking forward to setup in the rain – if it is.  yes, off again tomorrow.  not far – only about 45 min.  just one of those major mountain roads between here and there – so not a walk in the park kind of drive.  great fun in a sports car – not so much in a box of a van. ^_^ 

and now i am going to crawl into my nice easy to get into bed.  it must be funny watching this old lady climb up and into that ‘top bunk’ that has only about 3 feet of headroom above it. ^_^  even funnier when i come back down!!

love and beauty