well, not to stay.  just over to auburn to setup.  however, i must first move it all from rv to van.  ugh.  thank goodness it is not raining, nor does it look like it will be soon.  just want to do all this and that in the sunshine, not the rain!!

also, i have no idea what i need.  the way things got sold at the retreat i don’t really know what they bought.  so, as i am stocking the booth i will find out what kits i need.  then, if i don’t have them in the extra’s tub – it’s back to the cutting table for me!  ^_^  rachel was all ready to fold last night the minute i got in the door.  i promised her there would be some tonight.

if you are in the area – stop by the booth in auburn.  it’s usually a very good show.  i am directly across from where you come into the vendors’ building.  the quilts are in a different building.

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