i must admit, i expect to see a lot of zero’s when i checked the stats – it has been such a long time since i’ve been home long enough to do this!  feels good to be stationery (or is that ary?) for just a bit.  my next show is this weekend, but only a couple hours away in tracy.  still haven’t decided if i will drive back and forth – or if i will get in the ‘big rig’ again.

for anyone following that saga – the latest ‘problem’ is with the generator.  oh, it starts and runs just fine.  however, after about 1 1/2 hr the carbon monoxide sensor goes off.  not only loud – just plain scary!  given that thing exhausts at the far diagonal corner from the sensor – my brain says there is a leak in its exhaust system.  caused by the ‘boys’ having run over something??  like whatever resulted in a missing hubcap and a flat tire. ??  oh, they did change the tire and put on a new one – which wasn’t done properly and resulted in bolts breaking off when i had new tires put on! 

also, in the process of getting the front tires replaced and moving those to the rear – i discovered that the dealership had sold me the rv with all the tires being ‘under rated’ – and that is what caused the front tires to separate. now that was a very scary experience when that tire went!!  (and it resulted in some damage to the wheel well.)  anyway, discovered one of the back tires had separated and another on the verge!  so, i ended up purchasing 3 tires before heading to utah!  and i still have 3 more to replace.  there are now 3 different brands and all 4 at different wear levels in the rear.  and that causes a bit of vibration.  that thing rattles enough without that!!  but – i did get there and back without a mishap!  yea!

i also had to purchase a new coach battery (which ‘they’ had killed) and a few other odds and ends.  spent a lot of money before i left and ‘expected’ a really good show.  not so much.  darn.  i don’t expect i’ll be returning in two years.  just too long a drive for what i did.

on a lighter note – thought i’d share this lovely picture.  flowers in a rest area just a little ways down hwy 99 – about 90 miles south of sac.  my last stop on the way home.  (well that didn’t work – now will have to spend even more time figuring out what’s up with that picture.  it is one i took with my camera and have had a time getting it downloaded and sized just so i could do this.)


have no idea, but it worked this time.  go figure. ^_^   happy spring!!

oh, if you are in the area and are interested – i am doing a ‘mini class’  (2 hours) during the show in tracy.  that is, if anyone signs up.  hasn’t been advertised yet – so we shall see.  i have just 16 kits, so will take only that many people.

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