not feeling pressured during this time at home – a very pleasant experience!  while i do have a show this weekend – and i will pull the tubs from the rv and reorganize them (it was one of those slam-bam tear downs for me) – don’t think there is anything that needs restocking.  tracy is a pretty small show and anything i am out of probably needs a new sample – and i’m not up to that this week!

so, just for fun – for all of you who are used to looking a pictures in magazines of studios and work areas of the ‘rich and famous’ – here is how we less famous folks deal with the business. ^_^  this is my portion of the family garage.  like most americans these days – the garage is the last place you’ll find the family car(s).  i have the front half, as i must move things in and out frequently – to van or rv.  tom has the back half, as he has all his big tools (bought during the kitchen remodel!) and the freezer back there.  more accessible thru the people door that is right across from the house door.

so, this is where extra inventory is stored.  plus, any time the tubs and booth equipment are not in a vehicle, they are in here.  as you will notice, there is also a cabinet with a microwave sitting on it.  no, not something i use in the garage – both are waiting for me to move them into this cottage.  been dragging my feet a bit. (ok, a lot.  been more than a year now)  that’s a convection oven combo – and, to tell the truth – not sure how to use it.  (old dog syndrome??)  so, i’m still using the old (and big) clunker i bought way back in 1981!  one of the very first ones made by ge – where i was working at the time. (in boston)


you will notice there is a ‘cart’ with tubs on it – so this was taken while tubs were out of vehicles.  the black table was one of the things that had to come out of tom’s storage and i entended to take it to mine – but have found it useful when sifting and sorting thru tubs.  just have to work around it sometimes. someday i hope to have enough space in here to use it – you know, for eating! ^_^  you do know why most of us old folks have soiled ‘shirts’ – it’s because we eat while sitting in our chairs watching tv and it’s more likely to land on our chest than back on the plate! ^_^

and with those cheery thoughts i will bid you adieu (is  that how it’s spelled?)

love and beauty