will be leaving for another setup tomorrow.  currently my plan is to stay down there tomorrow night (in rv), come home sat. after the show and return on sunday in the van.  howcome, you might ask??  well, it’s playoff time, don’t cha know!!  and both teams are in ’em!!  yea!  both boston teams, that is!!  (celtics and bruins)

i have completed all the class kits.  i have 16 for the class that may be happening at the show.  i have 27 for the applique society class next saturday.    and, just for the record – what WAS i thinking???  those kits have 11 different fabrics!  so, they will be a normal kit price of $8!  according to my records, there are 29 people registered – i agreed to 25, but will not turn anyone away!  may have to adjust what they paid me – already a bargain basmement price!  i have sent out a group email and asked for those enrolled to let me know if they do indeed want a kit!  so far, only one person has declined, but have only heard from about 10.  i do have all but one fabric assembled for a 28th kit.   we shall just see.

thought i’d share this with you – it was given to me at the retreat – made by the president of the applique society, no less!!!  it is wonderful and i was very touched to receive it!!  guess they really did like the class. ^_^


yes, it is a ‘project carrier’.  way cute, i say.    and that stack of fabric pieces behind it – the unfolded kits!  they have now been neatly folded and tucked into zip bags!

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