will be leaving here soon for another setup.  will stay in tracy tonight, drive home tomorrow night and return with van on sunday.  still don’t know if i will be teaching a class during the show.  no pre-show publicity done, so only those attending will be enrolling.  this is not, traditionally, a big show in any sense of the word.  only a handful of vendors and not largely attended.  new venue should be much better – at the high school – so, if the publicity lady did her job there could be more of everything. ^_^  to be honest – i don’t even know which day the class is being offered.  i’m just going prepared for whatever!

since nothing else to report, thought i’d just post a picture i took yesterday – to prove spring is actually showing up here – despite the chilly temps!

rachel-tulipsthese are the bulbs rachel and i planted last fall.  you have to look kinda close to see the lovely yellow one about to open.  no sign of buds on any of the other baby plants.  maybe next year for those.  (crocus, etc)

come on down to tracy and check out the show this weekend. ^_^  take a 2 hour class.  i think i said $25??  or $20??  don’t even remember!  includes the kit!

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