need i say i am happy to  be at home with the sun shining and no particular place to be!! ^_^

can’t say i did all that well at the show this weekend – however, i have come to look for the silver lining in everything.  i do believe there is always something good to be found – no matter appearance.  in this case – it’s those new super simple designs.  without karen’s invitation to teach the mini class during the show – they never would have happened.   they are selling well, i think they are a good thing for people to try and i just plain like them. ^_^  and, of course, there are more spinning around in my head.  in fact – i am now thinking i can create a wallhanging with several of them in it.  one of those like the other karen made using the  larger class sample as the basis.  something with lots of little ‘blocks’ of varying sizes separated by narrow sashing.  we shall see where that thought takes me. ^_^ (i think there’s a picture of it in an earlier blog – probably the one titled “what (or ‘how’) fun”??  no – i really can’t remember.  sorry. 

am using today to just kind of regroup and clean up around here a little.  have laundry on the line – gotta take advantage of that wonderful sunshine.  eventually must empty the van as tomorrow is ‘shrink’ day and don’t want to drive it fully loaded.  waste of gas.  also, must clear the last of everything out of the rv and back it in farther – get those front tires into the shade.  and it more out of the way.

other than that – praying for nothing bad to happen with regard to finances.  still walking that very thin line.  dang!  just  breathe. ^_^

oh, and here’s the tulips rachel and i planted.  love those yellow ones! as you can now see – there turned out to be 2!


love and beauty