how fast they grow!! ^_^  no longer wrinkled and red – now has chubby cheeks.


so, i am enjoying a few days at home before i will be heading out on the road again.  have a show in norco, ca on may 1 & 2.  once again i nearly got myself into trouble!  that’s a friday & saturday!!!  oops!  just happened to notice there was no 31 on my april calendar.  well, duh!!  i will be taking the rv again.  actually found an rv park within 15 miles!  it’s a county park, and quite reasonable.  now i just have to get the last 3 tires replaced – either before this trip or definitely before i head for albq.

today i did another of the super simple designs.  this one is a simple reverse applique.  i was halfway thru this sample and got nervous about the fabric choices – so have picked out a different ‘under’ one and will offer it as well.  (at least till i see how folks react)


the second one will be with a fossil fern and more of a ‘blender’ look.  we shall see.  i also just finished the drawing for the 4th one!  it is a tulip and is just a little harder – has a ‘turned over’ leaf and the blossom is ‘layered’.  chose fabrics, then realized i had best do something else first!  and wondering why the heck i didn’t do the work in the nice cool garage during those wicked hot days???  now i must be in there tomorrow in order to be ready to go teach again on sat – and it just could be raining!  certainly been a lot cooler and quite cloudy today!  live and learn!

another game tonight.  not so sure those celtics are gonna pull it off this year.  kinda having injury problems!  we shall see.

love and beauty