decided to take this picture out the kitchen window to show how much things change with the seasons.  i think we sometimes just forget to notice the everyday miracles!  the last picture i posted that was taken looking out this way was to show the first (and leaning) snowman.  and now look!


i’ve noticed that all the dogwoods in town are loaded with blossoms this year.  must have been ideal winter for them.  the close up pine is the norfolk that spends the winter in the big house.  it’s not looking its best right now – some brown on the tips of nearly every little branch.   we’ve had some pretty chilly weather since i brought it down.  at least i was smart enough to not put the fig outside yet.  did have to remove it from up there also – so it has been in the bedroom.  probably thinks it’s been outside! ^_^  kinda chilly in there!  i was about to put it out – glad i didn’t as it’s been barely 40 deg last couple nights.

so, the class yesterday.  it went very well, tho we didn’t get as far as usual.   i had originally stated that in order to take the advanced class you had to take my first one – that was definitely not the case yesterday.  there were some who just couldn’t get to the first one.  then, there were 2 new members – who happened to also be brand new to applique – as in ‘never done it’!  and even those who took the first one were at varying levels – only a few had actually finished the first piece – don’t know how many even worked on it at all – like “practiced”!  somehow we muddled thru and everyone left happy – or at least ‘satisfied’. ^_^  as for me – happy and a little tired.  did just about nothing once  back home – after trip to bank and grocery.

today i’m going to see if i can get the 4th simple design sewn.  at least give it a good go!  have the fabrics chosen – that’s half the battle. ^_^  i’ll post as soon as it’s done.

love and beauty