nothing special to say – last day at home before heading out again late tomorrow.  will drive to a rest area and then finish the drive thurs morning, setup and then go to the rv park/state park in riverside,(ca).  i reorganized all the tubs yesterday, so they are ready to load. will wait to do that until after i go have one tire replaced today.  want to get rid of the last of the original ones before this trip.  next week i will replace the remaining 2 that are under-rated.  hopefully that will take care of the extra vibration i have been feeling.  still need to see about the front end – so far there just hasn’t been that much ‘extra’ money!

have the kits for that 4th simple design all folded and ready – must do the final drawing today and make some copies.  words and covers are also ready.  only taking 7 with me.  i really have no idea what size show this is.  no one i know has even heard of the town!  ^_^  however, it is right next to riverside, so i doubt it matters what size the actual burb is.  you’d think i’d have learned by now – to ask what the ‘gate’ was for the prior show!  or – if there even was one!  and how they got my name.  perhaps someone who saw me in long beach???

once back from the tire store, i will see if i can force myself to finish a fused version of #12 that has been in process for months!  i have no kits for that one right now.  the last fabric i used is gone, so must finish this sample if i want to have any.  ugh!  still, nothing better to do with my day!  looking like it will eventually rain, so can’t putz in the yard.

love and baeuty