so, i will be leaving again today – as promised.  current plan is to leave around 5:30 in hopes of missing most of the commuter traffic.  it is my goal to reach the rest area on i-5 below where hwy 99 comes in.  i will be traveling on 99 first, and there is a nice rest area just 50 miles this side of bakersfield, but i think this other one is just another 100 miles farther.  i will be checking on that today.  i have this wonderful book published by good sam that tells you what is at each exit on the interstates.  problem is – it doesn’t include any non-interste routes.  a big mistake, i think.   here in calif, hwy 99 is essentially the same as an interstate, in fact, runs parallel to i-5.  and there are a couple of others that could be included (in this state).  probably some in other states as well.  just makes planning stops a bit more of a challenge.  ^_^  i was doing it with just that book.  need to look at an actual map to get more accurate mileage from bakersfield to the split.

i am praying the form i need for the city where the show is will come today!  boe promised to mail it to me – and that was last week!  how long can it take?  from sac!  grrr  if it doesn’t come, not only must i go to the office in the city of norco (either way must go there), i will then have to drive to riverside to get the form!!  before i can setup!  another grrr!  way too much redtape for my little amount of sales tax!  like that city is going to go broke without my $5- $15!!  geeezzzz

had a nice visit with bobbie yesterday while the new tire was being installed.  we went to lunch and then to the ‘new’ quilt shop (been there awhile now, just my first visit) and i was pleasantly surprised.  lovely shop.  and i found a batik very similar to the one i had used in the first nearly nouveau iris!  so, i negotiated a discount, since i was purchasing only for reasale, and bought 4 yards.  actually got 6 kits cut and assembled when i got home!  and discovered i had just 6 copies of that original cover!  sure glad i kept them! ^_^  grace – that’s what it is!  my life full of it! ^_^

today, once i finish here, i will go up and load all the business stuff.  then, come back here and gather personals.  oh, first will go fill gas tank and propane.  probably add some water as well.  forgot to do that yesterday after i finished washing the rv.  man, that thing is big! ^_^  not spotless, but certainly no longer embarrassingly filthy.  how DID he get it so dirty!???  in just 2 months!  anyway – want to finish it all fairly early and kind of ‘rest’ before leaving.  it’s 5 hours to bakersfield and another 100 miles would add 1 1/2 hrs.  leaving at 5:30 puts me at rest area around midnight.  we shall see.

love and beauty