May 2009

It was a long trip, but I am safely back home – yea!  And all is well with Mr. Pepe – Tom did a good job of keeping the litter box scooped.  Looks like the only problem was that Pepe decided he wanted out and tore a hole in the screen of the kitchen window.  Tom discovered him in the act and shut the window to within an inch or so.  Trouble is – Pepe is very good at opening those sliding windows. ^_^  So, next day – cat out!  He got caught inside the following day and Tom closed the window tight!  That screen was looking bad already and I had planned to replace with the heavy duty ‘cat proof’ kind I put on the door.  Now – I must.  And not before this next round of activity!

I am doing this in Word and will see if I can get it pasted into the blog??  As promised, here are some pictures from the drive down to Sedona.

ok, that didn’t work.  so, i will just insert the pictures here.  the words copied fine.

sedona 2


Just to let you know the official name of that long, winding road down!  It’s about 28 miles down and you drop about 3000 feet.  Lots and lots of hairpin curves!  Good thing I’m used to it – hwy 49 right here is just about the same – just shorter.

sedona 3


I had to lighten this one a lot so you could see it at all, so the reds are less intense than actual.  Bobbie took it with my camera and thru the windshield.  Best we could do.

sedona 4

i chose to not crop the mirror so you could see i was taking this out my window.  we were at the bottom and sitting in a line of traffic heading into the town of sedona.

ok, that’s it for today!  i have  limited time to prepare for the next round of events!

love and beauty

well, here we are in  beautiful downtown tulare.  ok, i’m only exagerating – i have no idea where ‘downtown’ tulare is.  we are across from the place where they do farm shows, etc.  in a small rv park.  yes, we ARE very close to home and could easily have driven home today.  except – not so easily.  we were both just too tired and hot and done.  so, we pulled into a rest area to think about it.  and it turned out to be even hotter and very loud!  howcome every trucker who came in for a brief break had to pick the spot right next to us???  and release his airbrake right outside the open door??? twice!!  poor sophie was tucked under the chair – i mean, with the skirt hiding her!  not to mention it was just too d_____ hot!

so, next option was to drive to next rest area and hope for better results.  or – just see if we could make it home by switching off very frequently.  then – thought about an rv park  and bobbie remembered this one.  had stayed here during the show that happens at the ‘fairgrounds’ across the street.  so, i pulled out the book and she made the call – and here we are.  seems we were just a couple miles away.

only problem – it was still hot!  so, have now learned how to use the a/c – now that’s a first!  this place is nice – tho small.  and a lot of permanent residents.  when i took sophie out there was just no place for her to even sniff that wasn’t part of someone’s tiny piece of grass (neatly surrounded  by a concrete frame!).  still, better than trying to make it home.  we just now have turned off the a/c – yea!!  i had had way more than i wanted of that noise and being closed in.  i mean – the cottage is small enough – this place – way so!!!

both of our side trips were successful at one level – we can say we have been there/done that/seen that – sort of.  but – stupid holiday brought a gazillion other folks to the same place.  so – we did drive-by’s in both santa fe and sedona.  i think, if we come back in two years, we will leave early and do sedona before – thus avoiding the holiday rush.  but – WOW, what a drive down.  i promise to post at least one picture tomorrow.  not going to try to download tonight.  too tired to think.  perhaps a touch too much wine as well????  at least i’m about ready to sleep!  we did stop very early – so it’s  been a bit of a challenge for me. ^_^  idle hands, etc. ^_^ have played a lot of games here.  can’t exactly run laps inside here or anything!  spacious compared with the van – yes.  in general – not so much. ^_^

oops! and WOW  TRAIN!!  ya know, for those of you who have not heard one for awhile – well, they are still loud.  now, i do love them, so not a real problem.  and this one is like across the street.  man, that’s a loud whistle! ^_^   one thing – out here in the ‘wild, wild west’ – you really can’t go anywhere without seeing the trains.   and you can definitely hear them from where ever you choose to stop for the night.  love it.  this one is the closest i’ve been, i think.  that was a very short one!  the other night – there seemed to be one right after the other – each one using a different ‘whistle pattern’ as he passed by the town/area.  (just wish they’d bring back the cabooses!  those trains look really strange without them.  did see one today – first one in years.)

this heat is a little harder for us because we have been in cool and raining ever since we left.  we even had rain off and on on the way home – till we finally came down the mountain from flagstaff.  by the time we crossed the border it was warm and sunny and getting warmer as we went.  guess it was close to 100 deg at home today, which means really toasty in the valley! ugh!  big change.

love and beauty

well, it was a successful show – yea!   too bad it’s a holiday weekend and thus, the cc deposits will probably be a day later than usual.  however, that also means everything else is in limbo as well – so it’s a wash. ^_^

today we will be doing pretty much whatever we please – now that’s a rare treat.  there is a flea market here at the fairgrounds, so as soon as i get myself dressed, we will walk over to check it out.  then, i’m going to stop at the goodyear store and see if i can get that last old tire at least checked out.  from there, it’s up the road to santa fe.  beyond that – who knows.

and that’s all the news that’s fit to print.  have a lovely holiday.

love and beauty

arrived safe and sound – and that’s a very good thing!  bobbie is with me, so i had some relief with the driving.  we ended up staying in rest area’s instead of rv parks – saved some $$. ^_^  it was very hot the first day & a half.  then, the clouds rolled in and it rained (in the distance).  we encountered only enough to make the rig look filthy again. dang.  it has stayed relatively cool since, which is a very good thing for sophie.

we got here a little later than planned due to a slight malfunction in the rig.  no, not the engine – the bathroom door!  we couldn’t open it.  fortunately we were both on the outside!  i had to remove the whole doorknob assembly- which meant one half was locked inside – and eventually got it to open.  discovered the teflon ‘tube’ that covers the ‘plunger’ (the part that goes into the hole) had broken and a piece had gotten lodged in the hole!  got it all back together, but given it had happened just as we were about to leave – caused a slight delay!  then, we lost an hour when we crossed into n.m.    turns out ariz doesn’t do dst, so we hadn’t lost the hour when we crossed that line and i had forgotten!  grrr  soooo, we got here after 1:00 instead of noon.  and then found out we really could have started at 10:00 – despite the information i had been given.  dang!  it was ok, just meant we finished later!

as for the “rv park” – hah!  rv parking lot!  full hookups and blacktop.  fortunately the only rv’s here are the 4 of us in the show.  it’s the state fairgrounds.  flashing marquee(sp???) advertising flea market every weekend, so don’t know what to expect tomorrow morning!!  there is another large parking area – separated from this one by chainlink fence – with ‘electric islands’, so i’m sure the vendors will be setup over there.  however, i am parked/hookups are, at that fence!  hmmmm

as for the show – day one was pretty good.  altho i am hoping it wasn’t ‘the best day’. ^_^

it is still very cloudy and there’s a good wind just now.  and, speaking of now – time to move on here!

love and beauty

where has it gone – the time??  ok, so i do have much to show – 43 pairs of earrings! plus the necklace & er set.  plus another necklace strung and awaiting a clasp.  and, of course, all the other normal preparation and restocking.  yes, i am essentially ready.  now it’s just a matter of getting it all back into the rv.  and making sure there is room for bobbie to sleep while we are on the road! ^_^  oh, and the small matter of my personals a food.  have the most trouble with that!

so, here is a picture of many of the earrings – before i put wires on them.  i am thinking they will be priced at $12.50 each, or 2 for $20.  sure hope they sell!!  i love making them – and we just won’t talk about the money thing. ^_^

all 2

i figured out that using white as the  background was messing me up.  reflecting too much light so camera thought flash not needed.  black works better.  tho probably need to use something smoother than a towel.  am thinking i have some dark felt somewhere.  these are all ‘one of a kind’ as i used collections of beads and there were often just two of any one kind.

ok, off to throw on some old clothes and see if i can get the ‘gardens’ (use that term loosely) setup with drips.  my setup is beginning to age a bit – sure hope there is enough still intact.  albuquerque here we come!

love and beauty

so, have now finished 7 pairs of earrings, besides the pair that kind of go with the necklace.  nothing fancy, simple beads.  am hoping they sell in the booth!  currently considering asking $10??  any feedback on that would be appreciated. ^_^

first 7











and now i am going to take a break and get back to some applique.  must do a few more stitches on that big yellow iris, or it may never get finished!  still, will have to do several more earrings before i get to albq!

love and beauty

another exciting title.  one of these days i’m going to try doing a real post like i’ve seen some others do.  i think they might be creating it in word and then just pasting it in here.  i recently discovered that additional tool bar. hmmm

and how the heck did i get on here anyway.  i mean, i just put on my shoes so i could drag myself to the store and now here i am typing!!!??  what’s up with that?  ok, so i wanted to share my latest endeavors – my first jewelry – at least in ages & ages.  and i am definitely not (nor have i ever been) an advanced jewelry maker/beader!  still, i do like it a lot and am hoping i can sell it at the shows.  no, i am not changing horses!  just adding a little something for those who have no interest in the other stuff i do. ^_^

first jewelryok, now i am really going to the store cause if i don’t i am going to be very very unhappy in the morning.  my coffee was less than wonderful this morning!  just not the same without the whipping cream!!  plus, some off-brand and full caffeine stuff i kept for emergency! 

love and beauty

not a very creative title – oh well, too busy to worry about that! ^_^  have now finished the necklace – at least up to the clasp part.  and the earrings.  here is a picture of them with necklace in process.

with feeti thought you’d enjoy the feet as well. ^_^











and here is a picture from a real person’s studio – not one of those fancy expensive ones you see in the quilt books/magazines.  notice the cutting table has been invaded by the beads and laptop!


bead invasionok, am having some trouble here today, so will just stop and post.  some days are like that.  other than that it is a fabulously beautiful day here in northern calif and am hearing the same from most everywhere in the usa!  how divine!

love and beauty

don’t they come quickly – new weeks.  it is a fabulously lovely day here in the foothills, and that is a great treat.  and i find myself inspired and working on several things at once!  thought i would share the picture of the first pin.  so far, not sure others are going to like it as much as i do.  the next one will no doubt have no fabric showing.  and, perhaps, not as much batting.  and this one may end up getting covered with beads at some point. for now, i like it as it is.

first pinthe main reason for the batting is that it is a button – the glass piece – and, thus, i need room to bury the ‘shank’.  we shall see how the next one turns out.

if you happen to love this one – it’s $25. ^_^









other than that – just working on the new sample for the large iris – the one that is currently red.  it will be yellow!  have also begun the initial auditioning of fabrics for the commission i took on.  she has done a pieced background  in peaches and greens.  and the applique will be inside/on the ‘peach’ circle. hmmm  kind of limits the color choices for the blossoms!  we shall see where this one takes me. ^_^

love and beauty

am doing my best to stay in faith and trust – despite the bit of turmoil i am feeling in my gut.  then, received this in the “I Believe God Wants You To Know” emails i get:

that negative feelings are not true feelings at all; rather, they are your thoughts about something, based always on the previous experience of yourself and others.

good grief – had to go html to get rid of that underlining in the quote! so, anyway, it’s still the money thing, don’t cha know. truly been ‘clinging’ to a thin thread of faith in the face of not one shred of evidence of ‘salvation’. what IS a girl to do???   all i can do is trust – and consider the ‘worst case scenario’ and see that i can actually survive.

in the meantime – it’s a beautiful new day that promises to be as lovely as the last.  sun and not hot.  we won’t see a lot more of these!  just may get me outdoors a bit – see how many foxtails i can pull up.  where ARE they coming from??  be good if it doesn’t rain anymore just now so the grass down this way can get cut and that will take care of them – till they spring up again.  grrr.  potentially expensive weeds!  have a way of getting under a dog or cat’s skin and traveling inside to create at least an infection and sometimes damage to an organ!  nasty fellers!!

on the laptop, so no pictures to post.  this ‘vista’ just doesn’t work well – won’t recognize the camera software and thus the camera even tho it does show up in the “cameras and scanners”.  grrrr again. ^_^  so, each time i plug it in to download pictures i must retrain myself in how the heck i managed last time.  not up to that today.  am looking at the collection of buttons i bought at the last show – for making pins.  they are dicroic glass (sp??) – quite lovely! ^_^  plan is to surround them with beads – cabachon style.  new territory for me!  will post when i finish one.

ok, this thing trying to update, yet again.  so, will post and just let it!

love and beauty

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