just had to post this picture!  but, first, to explain:

before we left in the rv, i bought a new bed for sophie.  then, realized it was a little too big, so exchanged it with the one here in cottage (which was the perfect color for rv anyway ^_^).  sophie never got to use it before we left.  and while we were gone, mr. pepe, the  cat,  decided it was his!  so, since we’ve been home i have had to chase him out and then convince sophie to get in.  had done that at least 3 times this morning and then looked down to discover this!


as you can tell, while sophie is NOT thrilled about the arrangement, she at least held her ground this time!  she just now (10-15 minutes later) crawled out from under him and onto the floor – and mr p is happily snoozing in the bed.

ok, i’m off to the quilt shop to meet with lady who has finished a big applique project that i had ‘helped/advised’ her with and she wants to show me what she was able to do!  love it when that happens! ^_^

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