i had to really push myself yesterday to finish this fused sample.  it has been ‘on the board’ for a long time.  first, i wasn’t sure i was going to like it.  second, i’m not so crazy about doing the fused stuff – especially on one of these.  i swear, it would be much easier to do the real applique!  anyway, i just didn’t allow myself to quit – or even look at the clock!  or answer the phone!  and now that it is done – i really like it!  and maybe i can sell some of that fabric that no one seems to like.  it’s the same one i used for the reverse applique butterfly, actually.  at least i will sell some it now! ^_^


i was originally going to use the floral for all the petals, then decided it needed something else – thus the metallic red for two petals.  ‘you’ could choose to do it differently – none or 3 of the red. ??

ok, now it’s time to move on -am going to make myself run the vacuum before i begin any ‘work’ – hair level has reached maximum tolerable (and that’s pretty high for me!) ^_^

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