am doing my best to stay in faith and trust – despite the bit of turmoil i am feeling in my gut.  then, received this in the “I Believe God Wants You To Know” emails i get:

that negative feelings are not true feelings at all; rather, they are your thoughts about something, based always on the previous experience of yourself and others.

good grief – had to go html to get rid of that underlining in the quote! so, anyway, it’s still the money thing, don’t cha know. truly been ‘clinging’ to a thin thread of faith in the face of not one shred of evidence of ‘salvation’. what IS a girl to do???   all i can do is trust – and consider the ‘worst case scenario’ and see that i can actually survive.

in the meantime – it’s a beautiful new day that promises to be as lovely as the last.  sun and not hot.  we won’t see a lot more of these!  just may get me outdoors a bit – see how many foxtails i can pull up.  where ARE they coming from??  be good if it doesn’t rain anymore just now so the grass down this way can get cut and that will take care of them – till they spring up again.  grrr.  potentially expensive weeds!  have a way of getting under a dog or cat’s skin and traveling inside to create at least an infection and sometimes damage to an organ!  nasty fellers!!

on the laptop, so no pictures to post.  this ‘vista’ just doesn’t work well – won’t recognize the camera software and thus the camera even tho it does show up in the “cameras and scanners”.  grrrr again. ^_^  so, each time i plug it in to download pictures i must retrain myself in how the heck i managed last time.  not up to that today.  am looking at the collection of buttons i bought at the last show – for making pins.  they are dicroic glass (sp??) – quite lovely! ^_^  plan is to surround them with beads – cabachon style.  new territory for me!  will post when i finish one.

ok, this thing trying to update, yet again.  so, will post and just let it!

love and beauty