don’t they come quickly – new weeks.  it is a fabulously lovely day here in the foothills, and that is a great treat.  and i find myself inspired and working on several things at once!  thought i would share the picture of the first pin.  so far, not sure others are going to like it as much as i do.  the next one will no doubt have no fabric showing.  and, perhaps, not as much batting.  and this one may end up getting covered with beads at some point. for now, i like it as it is.

first pinthe main reason for the batting is that it is a button – the glass piece – and, thus, i need room to bury the ‘shank’.  we shall see how the next one turns out.

if you happen to love this one – it’s $25. ^_^









other than that – just working on the new sample for the large iris – the one that is currently red.  it will be yellow!  have also begun the initial auditioning of fabrics for the commission i took on.  she has done a pieced background  in peaches and greens.  and the applique will be inside/on the ‘peach’ circle. hmmm  kind of limits the color choices for the blossoms!  we shall see where this one takes me. ^_^

love and beauty