another exciting title.  one of these days i’m going to try doing a real post like i’ve seen some others do.  i think they might be creating it in word and then just pasting it in here.  i recently discovered that additional tool bar. hmmm

and how the heck did i get on here anyway.  i mean, i just put on my shoes so i could drag myself to the store and now here i am typing!!!??  what’s up with that?  ok, so i wanted to share my latest endeavors – my first jewelry – at least in ages & ages.  and i am definitely not (nor have i ever been) an advanced jewelry maker/beader!  still, i do like it a lot and am hoping i can sell it at the shows.  no, i am not changing horses!  just adding a little something for those who have no interest in the other stuff i do. ^_^

first jewelryok, now i am really going to the store cause if i don’t i am going to be very very unhappy in the morning.  my coffee was less than wonderful this morning!  just not the same without the whipping cream!!  plus, some off-brand and full caffeine stuff i kept for emergency! 

love and beauty