where has it gone – the time??  ok, so i do have much to show – 43 pairs of earrings! plus the necklace & er set.  plus another necklace strung and awaiting a clasp.  and, of course, all the other normal preparation and restocking.  yes, i am essentially ready.  now it’s just a matter of getting it all back into the rv.  and making sure there is room for bobbie to sleep while we are on the road! ^_^  oh, and the small matter of my personals a food.  have the most trouble with that!

so, here is a picture of many of the earrings – before i put wires on them.  i am thinking they will be priced at $12.50 each, or 2 for $20.  sure hope they sell!!  i love making them – and we just won’t talk about the money thing. ^_^

all 2

i figured out that using white as the  background was messing me up.  reflecting too much light so camera thought flash not needed.  black works better.  tho probably need to use something smoother than a towel.  am thinking i have some dark felt somewhere.  these are all ‘one of a kind’ as i used collections of beads and there were often just two of any one kind.

ok, off to throw on some old clothes and see if i can get the ‘gardens’ (use that term loosely) setup with drips.  my setup is beginning to age a bit – sure hope there is enough still intact.  albuquerque here we come!

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