arrived safe and sound – and that’s a very good thing!  bobbie is with me, so i had some relief with the driving.  we ended up staying in rest area’s instead of rv parks – saved some $$. ^_^  it was very hot the first day & a half.  then, the clouds rolled in and it rained (in the distance).  we encountered only enough to make the rig look filthy again. dang.  it has stayed relatively cool since, which is a very good thing for sophie.

we got here a little later than planned due to a slight malfunction in the rig.  no, not the engine – the bathroom door!  we couldn’t open it.  fortunately we were both on the outside!  i had to remove the whole doorknob assembly- which meant one half was locked inside – and eventually got it to open.  discovered the teflon ‘tube’ that covers the ‘plunger’ (the part that goes into the hole) had broken and a piece had gotten lodged in the hole!  got it all back together, but given it had happened just as we were about to leave – caused a slight delay!  then, we lost an hour when we crossed into n.m.    turns out ariz doesn’t do dst, so we hadn’t lost the hour when we crossed that line and i had forgotten!  grrr  soooo, we got here after 1:00 instead of noon.  and then found out we really could have started at 10:00 – despite the information i had been given.  dang!  it was ok, just meant we finished later!

as for the “rv park” – hah!  rv parking lot!  full hookups and blacktop.  fortunately the only rv’s here are the 4 of us in the show.  it’s the state fairgrounds.  flashing marquee(sp???) advertising flea market every weekend, so don’t know what to expect tomorrow morning!!  there is another large parking area – separated from this one by chainlink fence – with ‘electric islands’, so i’m sure the vendors will be setup over there.  however, i am parked/hookups are, at that fence!  hmmmm

as for the show – day one was pretty good.  altho i am hoping it wasn’t ‘the best day’. ^_^

it is still very cloudy and there’s a good wind just now.  and, speaking of now – time to move on here!

love and beauty