It was a long trip, but I am safely back home – yea!  And all is well with Mr. Pepe – Tom did a good job of keeping the litter box scooped.  Looks like the only problem was that Pepe decided he wanted out and tore a hole in the screen of the kitchen window.  Tom discovered him in the act and shut the window to within an inch or so.  Trouble is – Pepe is very good at opening those sliding windows. ^_^  So, next day – cat out!  He got caught inside the following day and Tom closed the window tight!  That screen was looking bad already and I had planned to replace with the heavy duty ‘cat proof’ kind I put on the door.  Now – I must.  And not before this next round of activity!

I am doing this in Word and will see if I can get it pasted into the blog??  As promised, here are some pictures from the drive down to Sedona.

ok, that didn’t work.  so, i will just insert the pictures here.  the words copied fine.

sedona 2


Just to let you know the official name of that long, winding road down!  It’s about 28 miles down and you drop about 3000 feet.  Lots and lots of hairpin curves!  Good thing I’m used to it – hwy 49 right here is just about the same – just shorter.

sedona 3


I had to lighten this one a lot so you could see it at all, so the reds are less intense than actual.  Bobbie took it with my camera and thru the windshield.  Best we could do.

sedona 4

i chose to not crop the mirror so you could see i was taking this out my window.  we were at the bottom and sitting in a line of traffic heading into the town of sedona.

ok, that’s it for today!  i have  limited time to prepare for the next round of events!

love and beauty