June 2009

i suppose i could write what everyone i know is asking – what the heck happened to june?  not to mention jan thru may!!  has life speeded up?  well, i’d say so.  and it’s really no mystery why, given ‘speed’ is all we talk about, ask for, think about.  and i don’t mean that stuff some are inclined to ‘do’!  everyone wants a faster computer, quicker/easier meals, faster/shorter commute, etc etc.  the list truly does go on forever.  each of us has our own.  and, the Universe can only give us what we ask for!  and believe in!

so, like those turtles on tv – i’m into slow. ^_^  at least in my ‘work’.  nothing fast about hand applique!  and that commissioned piece is coming along quite nicely.  since i can’t remember if i posted the picture of the first block – here it is (again?).

6-26-09I am now working my way thru the tulips – as opposed to tiptoeing. ^_^  right now there are only leaves, so not all that interesting.  perhaps tomorrow i can post it.  however, i have also done a little more beading.  added some fringe to the purple and green pin.  whadda ya think?

purple pin

so, that’s my progress for now.  kind of just tolerating (barely) this heat.  be happy when it passes.  hate being closed in and hot!

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a few new pictures to share here.  this is the mystery plant – at least to me.  still not certain it isn’t a ‘weed’, but anything this pretty gets to stay.  as do all it’s relatives coming up around it. ^_^

mystery flowerit is  very tall, i’ll say that!  as are the black eyed susans this year.  and can you believe this blossom is ‘untouched’ – those are God’s colors!!

wow susanno one would believe it if i did it with that color fabrics!!   and, for the last one – here is the wonderful awning in its new configuration – sans ugly black frame.  not that IT itself is exactly beautiful!!  but it was certainly tons easier to get it ‘up’.  course i had a little help from power tools (stapler and nail gun) and a big burly guy to use them. ^_^  man it was HOT! 

awning 2009

what a difference with it up!  and will definitely need it again today.  just noon and already 90 deg.  ugh.  had to close the door.  hate it. 😦

oh, and i just added more earrings to the etsy page. 🙂

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so, now there is yet another tail-less lizard hiding out in here.  silly cat brought it in yesterday and as usual, headed for the bathroom.  trouble is, this time he didn’t go all the way in and drop it on the bathmat.  he let it go right at the doorway.  now, i had seen him with ‘it’ hanging from his mouth, so was there when he put it down.  however, there are cords on the floor there and thus, i was unable to get the container flush to the floor – and ‘it’ quickly departed to hide behind the containers of cd’s on the floor in that corner.  leaving behind its still vigoriously ‘flipping’ tail!!  oh how i hate that!  reminds me of when (as a little kid, in kansas) i saw headless chickens running around!!  uck!

late in the day yesterday, i was putting up some ‘heat blocks’ at the big window and then went into the  bathroom.  while ‘sitting’ (sorry ^_^) i looked back and there was the lizard sunning himself in a tiny patch of sunlight – not more than a couple inches from where my foot had to land as i walked into the bathroom!!  however, as soon as i stood and reached for the container, he spotted me and once again – thanks to stuff (cords again!) on the floor – eluded the  container and headed back behind various stuff!  i don’t really mind – am hoping he eats some bugs while in here!  but, would rather mr. pepe didn’t find him and finish him off!  i don’t spect he’ll make much smell if he bites it while still hiding out!

i think they most have some kind of release mechanism that allows them to let go of their tail when the cat is attempting to hold them down by it!!! ^_^  seem to find a lot of detached tails outside – from the outside cats’ hunts.

ok enough of that.  thought i’d share the progress on the commissioned piece.  i did not do the piecing.  i am simply (hah) adding my motifs to the 3 circles.  here is how the first one is coming along.  6-24-09

this is how it looked end of yesterday.  have added a bit – tho precious little relative to time spent!!  it’s a little freaky how fast the days are passing!  and how long it takes me to applique sometimes!

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some time ago i did a pin that i really liked, but when i showed it to anyone, the reaction was less than wonderful.  i used one of those glass buttons, with the shank still on, so had to kind of bury it – thus the pin was kind of pillow-like.  i also chose not to completely cover the fabric – a nice batik.  i have now added a stiff backing and put beads around the edge.  the only thing left is to add the actual pinback.  i still like it and will probably post in on etsy.  not sure about the price.  more than myra said before.

green cab

i wonder – will anyone else like it??  would just keep it, but would never wear it.  only time i get ‘dressed up’ is in the  booth and i think it doesn’t go with any of my current ‘uniforms’, nor should i probably wear something that distracts from the applique on my dress. ^_^  so, will just hope someone else really likes it.

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i finished the framing fabric for the new large iris sample and so here is the picture i promised.

ss yellow iris

this will be the new kit – and you can still get just the pattern.  the framing green will be a 30″ square in the kit.  my sample is just 27″ and i decided it could use just a little more.  will leave it as is for the sample – take up less wall space in the booth. ^_^

well, i was just treated to a wonderful breakfast!  it’s father’s day, of course – and i got included in what candace cooked for tom – how nice!  needless to say, i am stuffed!!  good thing i walked a little earlier!! ^_^

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well, i finished the large yellow iris sample – haven’t taken a picture yet.  still do need to add the framing fabric, so will wait till it’s finished finished to show here.  i have also ‘caged’ another cabochon, so thought i’d post that picture.  it’s still ‘naked’, so thought it might be fun to see it now and then later.  no, have no idea how/what etc i’m going to do next.  espcially since i’m still learning as i go.  i can only say that all that fabric will be covered – to whatever size i decide is ‘enough’. ^_^

cab 2a

this one was higher on one side than the other, so i had to bring the cage up farther than i would have liked.  still, was able to preserve the little bit of clear.  i cut the yellow fabric away so it would show as white and thus be actually visible at all.  otherwise, the gold fabric made it look just like the gold (fused on) metal.  it will be at least interesting to see how this one turns out.  and i still do need to finish the purple and green one – spect i’ll add a few dangles, if nothing else.

need some everyday earrings?  visit http://jrixman.etsy.com ^_^

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decided to lower the price on all the earrings on etsy.  i’d rather sell some and have the opportunity to make some more! ^_^  http://jrixman.etsy.com

today i will begin working on the commissioned piece – at least choose some fabrics and see how the designs actually fit within those circles.  i haven’t even thought about any of that – been agonizing over the color(s) for the blossoms.  now must choose some greens and decide if all flowers will have the same fabrics for the leaves. ??  seemed easier when i said yes. ^_^  it’s always scary when you are doing something for someone in particular!  yikes!

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