i suppose the fact that we all keep complaining about how fast the time is going is what is making it go so fast.  still, it is hard not to mention it when a whole month seems to just slip by in a day or two!  and all those pesky auto-debits start hitting my account yet again. ^_^

i am preparing to leave again – for the show in santa rosa.  i will also be teaching a small class in someone’s home on wed from 3-9.  after that, will drive up to santa rosa to spend the next 4 days with ruth and doing the show.  have thurs off and she suggested we go to healdsburg to wander for the day.  said it’s been overcast, so the beach will not be the best place to go.  i don’t really mind the beach in fog or clouds – tho it can get chilly.  still, have wanted to visit that town for some time.  lots of interesting shops – artsy, etc.

as for the show – it is typically a good one for me.  sure hope it holds true this time.  could use just a little padding. ^_^

so for those of you who don’t live in calif, or who have never been here and had the opportunity to drive on one of the highways that still have these in the middle – i thought i’d share this picture.  i fell in love with these flowers many many years ago when i visited.  and, yes, i do have some planted outside my big window.  and, yes, they were the model for my oleander pattern.  this isn’t the best picture – no white ones and none that are really, really big – taller than the cars, that is.  big balls of color, they are! ^_^

oleandersthere were places where we came around a slight bend and they were on both sides of the highway – hugh and beautiful.  a tunnel of color.

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