what an interesting trip that was!  the class was successful, everyone seemed pleased.  it did go longer than planned, part of that could have been we spent longer eating all that great food! ^_^  however, it made for a very long day!  it was 11:00 pm by the time i was on the way up to santa rosa.  good thing i had the next day off before having to go set up on friday.

as for the show – while i am still ok with it, i just checked my totals from last year and it was down more than 50%, for me.  ugh.  the attendance was ok on saturday – folks just not spending so much.  nearly all cash sales, and small.  sunday i think the attendance was down significantly.  and even pin cushion (shop from davis) was complaining about it  being ‘slow’.  while there is some comfort in knowing it isn’t ‘you’ – still not so good. 😦

but – it was a great and fun and interesting visit with ruth, so all is well.  and now i must get myself ready for the next gig.  another small class – this one in incline village – which is on the north shore of lake tahoe.  lovely area!!  doing a mini trunk show (whatever that is, as yet to be determined!) and a mini-class (similar to the one i did during the tracy show) – all in just 3 hours.  yes, i am kind of wondering “what was i thinking?” ^_^  probably $$$, given how it was when i agreed!

so, with that, i will see what i can do today to prepare.  must leave again thurs morning, will be gone just overnight.

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