old oak 1this is not what i am supposed to be doing!  i have just a couple hours before i must be on the road, headed for lake tahoe.  yes, it’s a tough life, but someone has to do it! ^_^  actually, i am going for ‘work’ – doing a ‘mini trunk show’ (whatever the heck that is!) and a ‘mini class’.  yikes!  all of that is supposed to happen in just 3 hours.  gonna be interesting, at least!

the real purpose of this post is to show you some pictures of a really really old oak tree – the kind we have here in calif.  i had to take these with my cellphone camera, so not the best quality.  and the one i enlarged, so it’s not even all that sharp.  still, the purpose is to show the huge-ness plus how ‘crooked’ the branches are.  they are simply amazing trees.  these are on the property where ruth lived for awhile and where we stayed this past weekend.

ok, so the first one ended up at the top.  not going to take the time to move it!  hopefully the second one will go right here!!

old oak 2

and now i am out of time!!  talk to ya when i return!!

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