jiggity jig, indeed!

ok, so everyone seemed pleased – and i somehow did manage to do a mini trunk show and mini class and fit it into just over 3 hours!!  good grief!  we would have been out of the library meeting room pretty much according to plan – cept for one small detail – the ‘loss’ of my keys!!  we had searched everyone’s bags several times. called those who had left earlier.  looked thru my bags and tubs – all to no avail.  also, searched parking lot (with flashlight, as lights went out at 9:30) and inside the van (as seen thru windows using flashlight).  we had given up and dear maggie had called aaa.  then for some reason, after saying “you know, nothing is ever lost in the Universe.  and if you can say that and really get it – it works”, i decided to check the tubs one last time.  they were already stacked on the cart – a double stack, 3 tubs high.  when i pulled off the bottom one of the first stack and was shaking it – someone said “there they are!!”.  somehow they had ended up underneath the tubs!!  amazing.  so, it was at least 10:15 by the time we pulled out and headed back to my hostess’s house.  and what a lovely house.  and here is a picture taken from her deck!

tahoe house 1this is in incline village, which is on the northeast corner of the lake.  and the house sits at about 7300 feet – while the lake is at about 6200 ft.  sometimes this ‘job’ does have nice perks! ^_^


i was also lucky enough to come upon this ‘train’ both going up and coming back.  had the real camera handy this morning, so took many pictures.  will just put a couple in here.  tomorrow is ‘founder’s day’ here in placerville and it is celebrated by the arrival of this wagon train!!

wagon 1        wagon 5 and here’s one more picture of the lake – one i took on the  drive home – or maybe 2. ^_^

tahoe drive 1tahoe drive 4tahoe drive 3


what can i say – sometimes i just can’t help myself!  and, yes, the water really is that blue!! ^_^

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