somehow i did manage to keep myself sewing long enough to finish the first half of the large iris – in yellows.  i’m not so sure about that orange ‘hair’, but that is how my real ones looked, so i’m goin with it. 

ss yellow iris

this one will replace the red sample i’ve been using for years, so it will be ‘framed’ – probably in a dark green – and offered as a kit.  if you don’t like the orange, it’s a very small replacement for you. ^_^

i may or may not continue on it today.  am having the urge to try my hand at beading again – using those glass pieces i bought.  they are no longer buttons, as i have removed the shanks from all of them.  so, now i can just glue them down flat!  yea! ^_^  am studying  Larkin Jean Van Horn’s book for techniques. (“Beading on Fabric”)

love and beauty