been up and at it for a good while.  decided it was time to bite the bullet and just do it – the ‘cabachon’ thing.  so, here is how it’s going.

cab 1

i can see why these things cost so much!  it goes just about as fast as applique. ^_^  and, once again, i am having the ‘not enough beads’ feelings.  got lucky with this one.  i have 20 of these glass pieces – not really beads, no holes.  they were buttons when i bought them, but managed to ‘unglue’ the shanks to convert them.  i found those green beads i used to encircle it first.  they are irredescent and shine kind of pink – just like the large one!  then, found those other little ones that are pinky/purple in the middle.  the outer glass is probably more turquoise, but looks green enough on the green fabric.  having a good time and learning as i go.  now all i need is double hours in each day! ^_^

just tried to add a new category and couldn’t.  what’s up with that??  so, will use uncategorized for now.

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