well, i finished the large yellow iris sample – haven’t taken a picture yet.  still do need to add the framing fabric, so will wait till it’s finished finished to show here.  i have also ‘caged’ another cabochon, so thought i’d post that picture.  it’s still ‘naked’, so thought it might be fun to see it now and then later.  no, have no idea how/what etc i’m going to do next.  espcially since i’m still learning as i go.  i can only say that all that fabric will be covered – to whatever size i decide is ‘enough’. ^_^

cab 2a

this one was higher on one side than the other, so i had to bring the cage up farther than i would have liked.  still, was able to preserve the little bit of clear.  i cut the yellow fabric away so it would show as white and thus be actually visible at all.  otherwise, the gold fabric made it look just like the gold (fused on) metal.  it will be at least interesting to see how this one turns out.  and i still do need to finish the purple and green one – spect i’ll add a few dangles, if nothing else.

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