some time ago i did a pin that i really liked, but when i showed it to anyone, the reaction was less than wonderful.  i used one of those glass buttons, with the shank still on, so had to kind of bury it – thus the pin was kind of pillow-like.  i also chose not to completely cover the fabric – a nice batik.  i have now added a stiff backing and put beads around the edge.  the only thing left is to add the actual pinback.  i still like it and will probably post in on etsy.  not sure about the price.  more than myra said before.

green cab

i wonder – will anyone else like it??  would just keep it, but would never wear it.  only time i get ‘dressed up’ is in the  booth and i think it doesn’t go with any of my current ‘uniforms’, nor should i probably wear something that distracts from the applique on my dress. ^_^  so, will just hope someone else really likes it.

love and beauty