so, now there is yet another tail-less lizard hiding out in here.  silly cat brought it in yesterday and as usual, headed for the bathroom.  trouble is, this time he didn’t go all the way in and drop it on the bathmat.  he let it go right at the doorway.  now, i had seen him with ‘it’ hanging from his mouth, so was there when he put it down.  however, there are cords on the floor there and thus, i was unable to get the container flush to the floor – and ‘it’ quickly departed to hide behind the containers of cd’s on the floor in that corner.  leaving behind its still vigoriously ‘flipping’ tail!!  oh how i hate that!  reminds me of when (as a little kid, in kansas) i saw headless chickens running around!!  uck!

late in the day yesterday, i was putting up some ‘heat blocks’ at the big window and then went into the  bathroom.  while ‘sitting’ (sorry ^_^) i looked back and there was the lizard sunning himself in a tiny patch of sunlight – not more than a couple inches from where my foot had to land as i walked into the bathroom!!  however, as soon as i stood and reached for the container, he spotted me and once again – thanks to stuff (cords again!) on the floor – eluded the  container and headed back behind various stuff!  i don’t really mind – am hoping he eats some bugs while in here!  but, would rather mr. pepe didn’t find him and finish him off!  i don’t spect he’ll make much smell if he bites it while still hiding out!

i think they most have some kind of release mechanism that allows them to let go of their tail when the cat is attempting to hold them down by it!!! ^_^  seem to find a lot of detached tails outside – from the outside cats’ hunts.

ok enough of that.  thought i’d share the progress on the commissioned piece.  i did not do the piecing.  i am simply (hah) adding my motifs to the 3 circles.  here is how the first one is coming along.  6-24-09

this is how it looked end of yesterday.  have added a bit – tho precious little relative to time spent!!  it’s a little freaky how fast the days are passing!  and how long it takes me to applique sometimes!

love and beauty