a few new pictures to share here.  this is the mystery plant – at least to me.  still not certain it isn’t a ‘weed’, but anything this pretty gets to stay.  as do all it’s relatives coming up around it. ^_^

mystery flowerit is  very tall, i’ll say that!  as are the black eyed susans this year.  and can you believe this blossom is ‘untouched’ – those are God’s colors!!

wow susanno one would believe it if i did it with that color fabrics!!   and, for the last one – here is the wonderful awning in its new configuration – sans ugly black frame.  not that IT itself is exactly beautiful!!  but it was certainly tons easier to get it ‘up’.  course i had a little help from power tools (stapler and nail gun) and a big burly guy to use them. ^_^  man it was HOT! 

awning 2009

what a difference with it up!  and will definitely need it again today.  just noon and already 90 deg.  ugh.  had to close the door.  hate it. 😦

oh, and i just added more earrings to the etsy page. 🙂

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